It's okay not to be okay

We all feel the pressures of life in one way, shape or form - only some of us are better at hiding it and masking it than others.  Mental health is still considered to be a taboo subject and one which many people think doesn't apply to them.  Thankfully, through exposure in the media, people are now openly admitting that things aren't always okay, some days are darker than others and it can be a chore to motivate yourself day on day.

Having the confidence to open up and share your struggles is not a sign of weakness - it's a real strength and is an acknowledgment that things aren't necessarily going to plan - whatever that plan may be.


From experience, I find that ladies are more willing to open up with their struggles or challenges and are more in tune with the benefits of alternative therapies and what they can bring in the making a more positive mindset.  In fact, 95% of my client are female.


Many of my friends are aware that I offer the reiki consultation, many of their partners are clients of mine, however, the stigma of sharing feelings is often a barrier to them embracing the therapies available and the pressures continue to build.  It is my aim to drive up the engagement with blokes, whether they sit within my social circle or not, and encourage them and reassure them that it's okay to be not okay.

I offer a service which has greatly benefitted me in the past, and I work with a wonderful client base who are on their own journeys to achieve a certain level of rebalance, positive health and wellbeing, but I'm not the only one in this space.  If my male friends do not feel comfortable opening up to close pals, partners or specialists in an often female dominated environment then there are other options available:

Andy's Man Club

Andy's Man Club is a charity based in Halifax with drop in centres nationwide which encourages men to get together in a safe environment to both share and listen to the experiences of others.  The charity has saved many male lives by giving men the opportunity to speak out before suicide becomes their only way out.  They meet every Monday and will likely have a drop in centre near you. 

MANKIND Massage Therapy 

Richard offers a unique, tailored massage experience just for men - he is based in Skelmenthorpe just outside Huddersfield but also offers a mobile service.  Richard will listen to your needs and requirements and then will tailor the treatment accordingly.