Matthew Firth




I have been a Reiki Master for just over three years and have been working with my client base for much of that time.

I was originally drawn to reiki by chance, when my then massage therapist introduced it to me during my massage treatments.  I immediately benefitted from the sense of relaxation and the healing of my busy mind.  As I worked with my therapist more, it was suggested that I consider taking the first level of reiki, which I agreed with, and one thing led to another and before long I was been initiated to Reiki Master level.

My client base originally started as a group of friends who volunteered to be case studies for me during my induction, soon they realised the benefits of reiki and became regular customers.  Word of mouth soon spread and friends of friends made contact and now I have a very close client base who I work with on a regular basis. 


I have had great success with many clients and feel honoured to have joined them on their healing journey - whatever journey that may be.  I offer a safe space in the comfort of my conservatory which is tastefully presented to ensure true relaxation and sense of mindfulness - it allows my client to switch their minds off, share their problems or troubles if they need to do so, and leave knowing they have experienced quality time away from their busy schedules to allow for rebalance and a recharging of their batteries.

If this sounds like something you think will benefit you, please get in touch for a confidential chat.



Initial Consultation: 45 minutes - Free

  • Confidential consultation

  • Complimentary Reiki Treatment

  • Feedback & discussion


Follow-Up Sessions: 1 hour - Minimum £15 

  •     Confidential consultation

  •     Reiki Treatment

  •     Feedback & discussion