A gentle, non-invasive technique to improve your health and wellbeing

Reiki is a non-invasive technique of transferring universal life energy through myself and into my client.   My client will settle themselves and relax on either a chair or bed while I  lay my hands either on are just above their core chakras (or energy packs) which are situated from the top the head (crown) down to the base of the spine (root). 

Energy will then begin to flow, targeting any area which requires an element of rebalance, whether the chakra is over-stimulated, or in need of stimulation resulting in a period of natural healing and a restoration of body harmony.

I perform reiki either in a 1-1 environment, where my client will either come to my safe space or I travel to theirs, or I offer distance reiki, where I will perform the treatment from the comfort of my safe space, and by using intention, transfer the universal energy to my client who is relaxing in their safe environment.  Both options are equally as effective and offer the same harmonious benefits.

Please contact me for an informal conversation on how reiki can benefit you.